Oil and Gas


Safenet protects oil and gas critical infrastructure both onshore and offshore by means of physical-, air-, boat- and electronic measures. Our all encompassed service covers the following focus areas:

Onshore Operational Focus

  • Personnel & parcel / luggage searches
  • Vehicle Searches
  • Patrolling & Observation
  • Sobriety Tests
  • Access & Egress Control
  • Emergency Response
  • Safety Support – Drills & “real time"
  • Information Gathering
  • Personnel & Cargo Escorts
  • Foot & Mobile Patrols
  • Traffic Control
  • Information gathering process in conjunction with the authorities
  • Investigations and follow–ups
  • Analysis & Data bases
  • Smart-badge administration and enforcement
  • VIP protection
  • Air Marshal services
  • Bus Marshal services
  • Passenger, personnel & parcel / luggage searches
  • Company vehicle escorts

Offshore Operational Focus

Marine Patrol is a continuous 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year operation and forms an integral part of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) function. With a constant presence at sea, the Patrols offers an immediate response to alarms, detection and interception.

  • Prevention of solar panel theft
  • Respond to intruder alarms and call outs
  • Clear vessels from restricted zones
  • Assistance to safety incidents
  • Support special offshore operations

Safety & Security work ranges from:

  • Escorting of survey vessels and tows
  • Policing of Safety Zones around offshore installations
  • Emergency towage and standing by for any hazardous or emergency situations
  • Vital role in the evacuation plan

ISPS Operational Focus

  • Ensure performance of all port facility security duties
  • Controlling access to port facility
  • Monitoring access to restricted areas
  • Supervising and inspections on all cargo
  • Participating and Executing of Marine patrol functions and tasking
  • Participating in the Coordination and executing drills and training exercises

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