The Safenet Construction Division offers a flexible combination of multi-disciplinary capabilities in design, engineering and various construction skills with experience in providing solutions for developing countries. We have extensive experience in Africa and the Middle East where the emphasis is on cost-effective, inclusive projects in multicultural environments, often necessitating managers to adapt to complex environments. Our key professionals are multinational and include components from the host country. Mentoring and empowerment of employees are priorities and part of day-to-day activities. Safenet has reach-back and access to multi-disciplinary professional services and support in South Africa and other countries, enabling us to draw on additional resources and experience. Quality control and safety are prioritized, and before handing over the project, all infrastructures (power generation, water and sewage) will be tested, commissioned and inspected to ensure 100% satisfaction. The successful design and completion of complex projects such as military installations, schools, hospitals, police stations and infrastructure attest to our capability.

Site Surveys Geotechnical

Geotechnical surveys and soil analyses are done to determine the bearing capacity of the soil and foundation type needed. In case of difficult or doubtful soil conditions, eg. clay or silty soil, geotechnical surveys and soil analyses are especially important to determine the bearing capacity of the soil and foundation type needed – such as in areas with a low water table or in proximity of rivers or marshy/sandy areas. The architectural design will then be followed by the structural, electrical and water/sewage designs and combined in a complete package for final approval by the client and the authorities.

Design and Engineering

After determining and confirming the client requirements, conceptual drawings will be made by our architects and design staff and presented to the client for his approval, or altered to suit specific needs – this allows a construction design specifically suited to each need and environment. On approval of the designs, final drawings will be made by the architects and engineers.

Construction: Civil

  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Complete bases/forts
  • Runways and Hangars
  • Support Services: Concrete services, excavation, site work and landscaping, demolition, roads and pavements maintenance

On approval of the final designs, construction will commence. We will manage, supervise and encourage maximum participation of the local community to transfer skills and assist with empowerment of the community. As is standard practice, the construction will be phased with progress milestones. Quality control and safety is prioritized, and joint inspections are conducted when the different milestones and levels of completion are reached. Before handing over the buildings, all infrastructures (power generation, water and sewage) will be tested, commissioned and inspected to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Electrical Engineering and Construction

  • Design and Construction of power installations
  • Electricity networks and optimization
  • Wiring installations

Structural Design and Construction

  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Military Barracks
  • Police Stations
  • Schools
  • Training facilities
  • Major housing developments
  • Military and industrial buildings

Other Construction and Specialised Services

  • Construction Management and Site Supervision
  • Empowernment of local population
  • Training of Skilled/Unskilled Labour Force: Electricians, plumbers, masons, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, carpenters. welders, painters. General labourers, catering staff, house keepers, laundry staff
  • Project Mangement under extreme Environments
  • Provision of Administrative Personnel

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