At Safenet we provide a full range of security operation services including close protection, asset protection and medical support, ensuring all risks are accounted for and mitigated against. Each security operation package is designed and tailored for the individual client by our dedicated security advisors whose experience has been perfected by extensive operational presence in high-risk environments.

Our personnel have military and law enforcement backgrounds and possess extensive regional and operational experience, having operated in the Balkans, Middle East, Africa and other high-risk countries around the world. Our multinational staff, combined with local security and support personnel, are sensitive about culture and ensure local customs and regulations are adhered to. Our local national personnel participate in a rigorous training regimen and upon completion serves on our staff with great success. Local nationals add regional knowledge and skills and ultimately allow Safenet to contribute to local communities. This mix ensures best practice by combining local information and insight with international standards. This reinforces our dedication to providing the highest operating standards in the industry.

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