The selection of Safenet will aid our valued clients in their goals by bringing peace of mind and professionalism that allow them to focus on the mission at hand, not security concerns. Our personnel configuration and management content allow us to integrate our personnel effectively into the client's team, creating the opportunity to address technical tasks in a more expeditious and cohesive manner. Furthermore, we limit any hostile incidents during the client's project or contract movement and restrict any security breach at any of the work sites. Our corporate culture is to work closely with our clients to create a cohesive team.

Our Safenet Project Manager assigned to the client's project or contract is a seasoned professional who has the support of the corporate structure and who is able to make all necessary decisions on the ground with full authority. Safenet possesses an integrated logistics support function that is self-performing, minimizing vehicle and equipment downtime while maintaining all project tasks at full capability. It also includes the “Safenet Air Transport” capability, which facilitates the safe logistic movement of personnel, vehicle and equipment replacement parts and other critical cargo by means of aviation assets.

Safenet seeks to be involved with clients at the beginning of the planning stage to ensure that risk and associated security measures are thoroughly addressed at the first opportunity and provided in the most cost-efficient manner. All Safenet activities are conducted with the highest degree of discretion, integrity and client confidentiality within the framework of national and international law, while at the same time maintaining complete corporate transparency. Safenet is committed to proper industry accountability and regulation.

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